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There are many criteria for the division of books. Is genres, stylistic trends, popularity, etc. But truly reading people of the book divides into only two main categories: read and unread. And how would you not read the second part will be invariably huge. And it's great, because the more you know, the more you'll know. But is there any point in spending your precious time on reading books? Of course, Yes. And we will prove it. Very good reading engages the brain, depending on the content of the book, remembers the stories, builds up the speculation, illustrate what is happening, is trained. Performs many operations that develop thinking and also help to improve memory. Reading, especially aloud has a positive effect on Your diction and speech, with each read by the quality of your speech will get better. I advise you to read a few pages aloud each day, and the result will not keep itself waiting. Reading you develop your wit, due to the enrichment of knowledge, You'll be able to spend, for example, parallel to the current situation with the situation of the novel, a historical fact or something that can arouse the admiration and laughter.

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